National Security

ACI Federal is one of the most experienced teams in the GovCon Industry, with decades of training in counter surveillance, and counter measures against Cyber & Physical Security Breaches! The ACI Federal team was commissioned to face the challenges of the security sector. Deploying top talent to track, block and prevent security breaches, you need to look no further than the “A” team of experts for all your national security needs. ACI Federal has experience with the following:

  • Intrusion & Malware Detection
  • Vulnerability & Risk Assessment
  • Policy & Compliance Validation
  • Contingency Planning & Disaster Recover
  • Configuration Management & Remediation
  • Certification & Accreditation
  • Malicious Code Review
  • Social Media & Online Forensics
  • Mobile SMS & Email Tracing
  • Mega Data Mining
  • Private Investigation
  • Federal Adjudication
  • DHS ICE/CBP Investigation
  • US OPM/NBIB Background Investigation
  • Special Agents

Other Services

Certification and Accreditation

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Information Security

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Investigation Services

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PEN Testing and Vulnerability Assessment

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